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Modern Tailor Promotion
Feel the actual Mordern Tailor fabrics (Fabrics included in the latest regular swatch)
The starter kit includes: FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY
1 booklet of fabric swatches 1 measuring tape 3 X $10 voucher

Many customers feel it's necessary to get a feel of the fabric before they purchase it online. Moderntailor makes it easier for customers to feel at ease with their purchase by providing fabric swatch books for dress shirts. Each swatch book costs $25 (FREE delivery world wide). The customers will receive the swatches in 10 to 15 business days. The swatches are meant to provide the customers an idea of the level of quality of the fabrics they will get when they order online.

ModernTailor has made the deal sweeter. For every purchase of the $25 swatch book, a customer will get 3 FREE $10 vouchers which he can use for his future orders.

$10 Coupon General Information
One coupon per order.
Coupons cannot be added to other coupons or credits.
Coupons are not for resale and are not redeemable for cash.
Coupons cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or deleted.
Visit our website regularly for updated promotions as they are offered for limited period only

ModernTailor Swatch Book - features dress shirt fabrics only
For more information, please email
2) Order Custom Swatches Now Order Custom Swatches Now
You can pick 10 fabrics at most.
Shirt-Pants Fabric $1/swatch
Suit Fabric $5/swatch
Customer Testimonials
'Hi, i received the shirt today and it is perfect. The fit is excellent. I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship. I will be ordering many more shirts from you. I will make sure to use the expedited shipping option in the future.' - J.S., USA
'So I just got my shirt in the mail it is by far the best shirt I ever had in my whole life!! I was used to getting a shirt that if the body fit the neck did not or if the neck fit the body did not fit but this is the best shirt I ever had and I have a big following in USA with a lot of churches can I promote your site with 10,000 plus big and tall men I know??? Anyway thank you so much for a great product!!' -JH, U.S.A.
“I received your shirt and it fit perfectly! You are truly a fine craftsman or woman whoever is making your shirts. I will tell the world that you delivered a quality product for a great price and you have my business for life! Great job!!!!!!!” – RP, U.S.A